How you feel in your body directly affects how you show up in the world.

As you navigate life transitions, it’s more important than ever to make your health a priority in order to have the energy and confidence to pursue your passions.

I help clients:

Regulate their mood and hormones by getting off the sugar rollercoaster

Reduce or eliminate medications as a result of releasing weight and decreasing inflammation (under the direction of your medical professional)

Take back control of their life, feeling more confident and energetic

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Do you feel hopeless about ever achieving a healthy weight?

You feel like food controls you and you are powerless against it.

You’ve tried everything. Even if you’ve had some success, you’ve regained the weight and you’re ready to call it quits.

You’re bewildered by all the conflicting information about how to build a healthy lifestyle that you don’t even know where to start.

You hate having your picture taken and when you find yourself unable to duck out of it, you hide behind others.

You're a smart woman. 

If you could have done it on your own by now, I’m sure you would have.

Maybe it’s time for a different approach.

I help struggling women transform their physical, mental, & emotional well-being by coaching them through a structured program.

Achieve a predictable transformation from the inside out.

No need to spend countless hours in the kitchen prepping each week or killing yourself at the gym.

Get to the root cause of what triggers your emotional eating patterns. Carrying excess weight is often a symptom of how we manage our emotions.

Learn what tests can help pinpoint medical causes of weight gain.

Be excited about shopping for new clothes and become a queen of the selfie!

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I've been there...

Tina and her black lab in kayak on the river.
Tina photo before weightloss holding a cup by the pool.

Struggling with weight since childhood, I felt powerless to lose the weight and create health in my life. I felt trapped inside a body that didn’t reflect who I truly was. I’ve always loved being around water – oceans, rivers, and lakes, but I spent most of my time watching from the shore, embarrassed about my weight.

As a busy mom and business owner, I couldn’t figure out how to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together until I started working with a coach. Once I uncovered how my nutrition was working against me and I began to identify my emotional triggers and patterns, I released 100 pounds! And while others commented on my dramatic physical transformation, the biggest gift was reclaiming my health and how it empowered me to live life on my terms.

Over the past 10 years, I have coached hundreds of women, helping them find their inner motivation to make sustainable changes. And just as a lighthouse serves as a beacon of hope in the darkness, I shine a light through the rough waters to help women find an easier way.

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Start seeing results on the scale and feeling increased energy after the first week

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Are you tired of being at war with your own body?

Now’s the time to become confident in your own skin again!

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